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Tress Disease Specialists - Serving Albuquerque Metro area, Santa Fe & Los Alamos

We specialize in all organic horticultural disease & insect control. Initially, we highly recommend having us change the soil structure to make the trees healthier. In many cases trees can become very pest resistant by supplying the proper nutrients to the soil. Adding good microbes that attack bad ones is also an option. We offer the following residential & commercial services:


  • Deep Root Feeding

  • Organic Spraying

  • Soil Testing

  • Borer Control

  • Root Collar Exams

  • Pine Tip Moth Control

  • Fall Webworms

  • Pest Identification

  • Treatments

  • And various other services


For more information about the services we offer Contact us today. We will be glad to come out and examine your trees at no charge.



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